MaMa Officina d'Architettura

Is an entity conceived by a group of professionals who share the passion for architecture. First at the university, which was the perfect meeting point to cultivate relations and experimentation, and later in the professional field, we cooperate on a daily basis to design and construct several public and private works, both in Italy and abroad.

MaMa,Is a sound, an idea, a thought reminiscent of ancestral feelings, a memory residing in us since birth. Since our first wail life is an ongoing unconscious search for the warmth, protection and peacefullness of the maternal womb. This architecture of ours intends to be a real answer to a dream-like feeling that pervades us; our projects aim to actually make us live in a world we feel completely comfortable with, intimate and pleasant. MAMA is our architecture, MAMA is our home.

Officina d’architettura, ...embodies the dream of creating a studio where architect and customer by consulting, listening and knowing each other better express their own ideas and needs and gasp the features of the place and the changing landscape; Officina moulds, designs and relises a continuous succession of insights and, at the same time, thanks to the magic of light, it proves to be a place of thought, work and concreteness.

MaMa ... uses traditional and innovative materials with consciousness and expertise always ensuring the added value of made in Italy. As concerning category of buildings, features of materials, energy options, locations, environmental and anthropological influences, it fosters studies aimed at rediscovering, re-evaluating and implementing forms of sustainable architecture and environment safeguard.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on” di W. Shakespeare

Dreams are incipit. Inexhaustible Search Resource of “Why”. But unrealized dreams are nothing but unrealized identities. The point of arrival is the concreteness that takes shape, to give life to reality of each of us.


MaMa officina d'architettura,
We specialize in providing Architecture
and Management Services and Management of interior design projects..

The studio possesses the adequate skills and resources to present itself
as a qualified and specialized entity for both the public administration
and the private operators acting in the several sectors of investment on the territory.

It operates by organizing his techical structure according to an interdisciplinary approach and boasts a network of consultants and collaborators with specific know-how in different areas of intervention.
All the implementation phases of the projects, even on the building site,
will be supported by continued collaboration and assistance.

ARCHITECTURE, INTERIORS & CO. Production of technical/economic feasibility studies;
Preliminary and final design of the architectural creations (sectors: residential, tiertiary, retail, commercial);
Administration procedures and design of construction details to achieve the energy certification (Casa Clima) of already existing buildings and new buildings;
Preliminary and final design of interiors, including furnishing accessories
and study of the finishing materials;
Communication, visual design, graphic design and photography;
Supervision of works;
Specifications and bills of quantities;
Supervision of structural working designs and plant engineering designs;
Structural calculations and testing;
Coordination and safety plan (PSC);
Technical consultancy;
Building Register Document (Docfa);
Urban and land register research;
Energy certifications;
Fhotographic and architectural surveys ;
Real estate consultancy;
PUBLIC PROCUREMENTS AND BIDS Preparation of technical specifications and tendering procedures;
Technical and administrative assistance, legal assistance during the tendering process;






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